Hanging your Train Rack

A train rack can be equally functional and stylish having finishes to complement your current decor. Train racks are frequently created to carry numerous bath towels or various other goods, so it’s essential to correctly secure the rack to the wall.

Hanging a train rack ought to be a fairly easy matter as long as you take your time and utilize the appropriate tools. The train rack my spouse and i decided on merely needed a tape measure, drill, phillips screwdriver, and a level. All additional materials had been included in the package; nevertheless, if you are privileged enough to have obtained an antique train rack from the good ole’ times, you may very well require extra materials. If you purchase a brand new train rack, you may well want to check the product packaging simply because quite a few manufactures are currently adding a template on the back. The template provided with the product packaging can be an priceless piece of cardboard and can easily save you from having to relocate drilled holes because you could not get the spacing just right. At first it might not make sense the reason why you would require a template, but because of the design of several train racks, they do not afford sufficient room for a drill to position a hole precisely.

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TIP: In the event that your train rack did not come with a hole template, you can always make your very own. Utilizing any old scrap piece of cardboard can do the trick. Position your train rack up to the cardboard and mark your screw holes. Increase a straight line from opposite holes, and your template is finished.

Glass Shelf Train Rack

So for us, it proceeded to go something like this: I put together all of the items utilizing the provided allen wrench and hardware (about 5 minutes). I placed the train rack up to the wall, and my spouse directed me left, right, up, up, up more, left, right…you get the idea (shouldn’t take long). As soon as the rack was exactly where she desired it, I marked with a pen one hole, after that removed the train rack. I used a nail or screw to stick holes in the template exactly where the anchoring screws were to be positioned and lined up the mark on the wall with the corresponding template hole. I then selected the level and lined the long edge of the level up with the line on the template to help make certain everything had been nice and square and then marked the other holes (5 minutes). Because our old home has plaster walls with wooden slats, we frequently do not need to make use of anchors, however in the event that you are installation your train rack to dry wall, I would highly suggest that wall anchors be applied. Drill your holes, place anchors if you are using them, after that screw your train rack to the wall (5-10 minutes). Altogether, hanging your train rack ought to take no longer than 30 minutes.

So now that you currently have your brand new train rack in just the right place, how will you use it?